How to Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Multisite Network

Looking for an easy way to set up Google Analytics on WordPress multisite network? The MonsterInsights plugin makes it easier than ever to set up Google Analytics on all of your sites. Let’s take a look at how to set up Google Analytics on your multisite network.

The Problem With Google Analytics and WordPress Multisite

WordPress multisite can save you a lot of time in managing multiple websites, but it also causes some unique problems – one of which is installing analytics.

Most Google Analytics plugins for WordPress lack support for multisite. That means that you need to go through each individual site in your network and add your Google Analytics tracking code one by one.

That’s not such a big deal if you only have a few sites, but what about networks with dozens or even hundreds of sites

With AdsenseTop, all you need to do is add your Google Analytics code to your main site, and it works across your entire network. No technical skills are required, and you never even have to copy and paste your tracking code. Once you connect your Google Analytics account using MonsterInsights, the tracking code is automatically added for you behind the scenes.

We’ll walk you through the entire process of setting up your Google Analytics account, but if you already have that setup, you can skip ahead to the section on installing and activating AdsenseTop .


How many AdsenseTop site license will you need for your Multi-site Network?

That all depends on how many WordPress installs you have.

Multi-Site installs use 1 site of a license for updates + 1 site of a license for each Google profile authenticated into, beyond 1 site.

In other words, a normal network site that network authenticates into Google Analytics so that the same UA code and reports are used for the entire network requires 1 site. A network site with a network authentication and overrides the network defined Google profile on a single sub site needs 2 sites for their license.

If you have more than one domain name or multiple WordPress