Google Analytics vs. Jetpack WordPress Stats – Which is Better?

Would you like to get stats about your website traffic, and are wondering what’s the best WordPress analytics plugin? Both Google Analytics and Jetpack WordPress Stats let you track your visitors and give you stats on your site traffic. But there are some big differences between the two – and making the wrong choice could have big repercussions for your site.

Let’s take a head-to-head comparison on Jetpack Stats vs. Google Analytics, and see which one is better for your WordPress site.

An Overview of Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is the industry-standard solution for tracking your visitors’ interactions with your website. It gives you incredibly detailed information on your visitors, and is the most comprehensive analytics tool in the market.

Google Analytics gives you all the detailed data you need in order to truly understand your audience, so you can improve your customer experience and boost revenue.

Accuracy of Data: Google Analytics vs. Jetpack Stats

If you’ve ever used both analytics methods, you may have noticed there’s a big difference between WordPress stats and Google Analytics. So which one is more accurate?

Google is a multi-million dollar company that has a lot of resources to put into developing their analytics, which are an important focus for their company. On the other hand, Jetpack is by Automattic, whose main focus is Stats is just one module of Jetpack, so it’s more of a side project for them.

In fact, even uses Google Analytics to track their own traffic.