The harms of steroids on the body

Steroids (anabolics) are a chemical drug for improving the growth of muscle mass. This drug is taken not only by men, but also by women. In rare cases, even children. It doesn’t matter who takes steroids, the damage they do to the human body is the same.

Excessive use of anabolics can lead to irreversible processes in the health of the human body. Usually steroids are taken orally (by mouth), but more often they are tablets. There are steroids by injection. The first option, anabolics in pills, has more indications of harm. The use of pills leads to various tumours and is detrimental to the human liver. Anabolics in the form of injection cause less harm, but from prolonged use, it will lead to the same adverse effects. Professional athletes have been repeatedly seen using steroids. You can learn more about it here

History of anabolics

Until 1935, mankind did not even know the effects of this drug. Scientists conducting experiments on dogs, saw the great influence of steroids on growth of muscle mass of pets. After a while, athletes began taking the drug with great acceleration to pump up their muscles. The results were stunning, unaware of the consequences, the athletes were literally devouring the anabolic preparation. Scientists conducted further research and found out what great harm steroids do to the human body. 

Rules for the use of anabolics

Athletes involved in sports, where there is the power of muscle mass, are pleased with the rapid results of using anabolics. Many renowned professionals take the drug under the supervision of their physicians and trainers. This approach to steroid use, delays adverse manifestations in human health. Muscle mass enthusiasts may not be aware of the proper use of anabolics, which risks rapid irreversible processes in the body.

Side effects of anabolics

  • Breast enlargement.
  • Anabolics are killers on the liver, which can lead to slow death.
  • Adverse skin processes, various rashes and irritations occur.
  • Effects on the cardiovascular system, leading to heart disease.
  • Development of hypertension (high blood pressure).
  • Problems related to male potency, which in some cases leads to complete loss of potency.
  • Various types of tumors that can develop into malignant tumors associated with cancer.
  • Premature alopecia.
  • Disruption of the body’s water balance.
  • Effects on the nervous system, various psychological diseases may develop.
  • Heart organ becomes larger, which affects the cardiovascular system.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by various digestive disorders.
  • Immunity decreases to an extreme point, fighting various viral diseases with no effect.
  • The development of a person’s physical strength is reduced.

Steroids have negative effects on the body, so they have been banned in professional sports. If you want to have access to sports news, visit