How to win clutches in CS:GO

In today’s top story, we’ll talk about how to win in clutch moments – situations where you’re left alone against the opposing team. A clutch moment is even when you’re alone against five people trying to win a round. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to pay attention to when you stay in a clutch moment. If you are looking for a variety for the game, you can visit modern csgo case sites.

Informational Advantage

Good information is the main key to winning a clutch moment. If you are left alone and don’t know where your opponents are, your chances of winning are markedly reduced. So if you see that your teammates start dying, try to notice where they are killed. It’s especially important to keep an eye on the map and on the “?” marks, which show where your opponent was last seen. It’s always good in the clutch to get information from your brothers in arms. Having good information will help you choose the right position, pick the timing for the flash, and generally greatly increase the chances of winning a clutch moment.

Timing advantage

Timing advantage is one of the most important things in clutch moments. Staying in a 1-on-1 situation, for example, you need to watch the timer even more than the game situation. Approximately 30-40% of clutches are won by a timer, so this aspect is very important. If you play as a terrorist and you are “lucky” to be alone, don’t be in a hurry to set the bomb right away. If you have enough time, you can wait by your side, move to another plant or just looking for a kill. Of course, there are bad economic situations where placing a bomb will be more profitable than trying to win a round, but such decisions should always be well considered.

When playing for the defense side, you must understand that time is your main weapon. CT players should always be able to hide, run away, and control the bomb. Frequent victories through time-lapse speak volumes about the high level of defense side players, so try to play for time as much as possible.

Positional advantage

Most CS:GO strategies are built around proper positioning. This means that you don’t always have to mindlessly rush plant or run to knock out your opponent. Good positioning is very important in CS:GO, and you can see this in professional matches. 

The right positions are especially important in clutch moments. Before you play any map, try to think about where you will hide or how you will attack if you are left 1 on 1 with your opponent? Choose a convenient crate, the right angle, or a place from which you can easily spot the enemy first. Also, keep in mind that your right side is less visible than your left, so when hiding behind crates don’t give your opponent a single chance to see you first.

Defending the Bomb

Once planted a bomb, many players begin to think that victory is almost in their pocket. In fact, this is a big misconception. Once you’ve staked the bomb, the trouble just begins. Left in a clutch situation, you must make an important decision for yourself, whether to play passively or aggressively. Playing passively means that you have to take one of your positions and wait a very long time without giving yourself away. 

That said, if you, for example, put a bomb on A on Inferno and hide in the long hall, don’t rush to run out of the position if you hear the sound. More often than not, opponents fake that they’re defusing the bomb. Playing aggression is much easier, but requires you to have good skill. You must catch your opponent off guard for the prank to succeed, so play aggressively only if you are confident in your shooting. If you want interesting game merchandise, visit