How to sell skins in CS:GO for real money

Ever since Valve killed the CS:GO trade-in, many players have been selling off their inventory. The exceptions are pro-players, streamers, and bloggers who make content, including expensive skins. Be that as it may, today’s article will tell you how to sell skins in CS:GO for real money and if possible – not to lose on interest. At the moment, there are a few ways you can sell skins in CS:GO. We will try to give you as much detail about each of them as possible, so you do not fall for cheaters.

One of the most convenient options in this situation would be to use the site Here you will find a lot of attractive options that will be very convenient to use. So you can start applying these tools to get great results in the long run. Sites like these will help you always find quality solutions, so start getting more use out of these resources. If you are willing to give this time and attention, you should only look for specialized sources that will help you get access to the best products. This will bring the results that you originally needed.

Sale on the trading platform in Steam 

Basically, the easiest, most affordable and most reliable way to sell skins in CS:GO. The only drawback of this platform is that you are unlikely to sell your skin for its real value. Especially if you need to sell it urgently. Almost always players lose about 30%, so you will have no choice – you either have to wait, or get less. 

Selling on specialized sites and roulette

Actually, you can find specialized sites that deal in buying and selling skins, or you can raffle them off on betting and roulette. Some bookmakers offer to bet with skins, converting your winnings into money. Yes, you will lose a little, but you will still get money. But be vigilant, because there are a lot of fraudulent sites lately. Read reviews about these or other sites, talk to friends, and only after that leave their data and skins. But the pluses here is – you are very quickly be able to convert their skins in real money, and virtually no commission. 

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Selling a skin to a friend for real money

In fact, you will need to find yourself (in the open spaces of CS:GO, at school, at work, etc.), which will be ready to transfer to your card the required amount of the skin. The only disadvantage of such an exchange will be mutual distrust on the part of both traders, both the buyer and the seller. Each of them will be afraid to make the first step, as the second can cheat. It is best to make such sales to someone you know in real life. That way you can be sure that 1 of you will get your skin and the other will get the money.

If you want to use the most effective method of trading skins, we recommend that you visit It will help you find all the items you need quickly. There is a wide range of cases and other items that all players can enjoy. Such sites will help you get access to skins, cases and other things. Here you can become part of the trading system, exchange different items and always have access to different tools.