KiwiTaxi Celebrates 1000th Member

As business tourism is growing in all over the world, KiwiTaxi is celebrating its 1000th member using its taxi services in Paris. The company specializes in providing business travel services in Asian and European countries. This month, KiwiTaxi celebrated the thousandth member who used their services in Paris. Business travel requires reliable car transfers from one destination to another. Booking your transfer in advance allows you to enjoy a comfortable and safe car service. You will also avoid overpaying taxi drivers and wasting your valuable time looking for a car.

Service standards

When booking a taxi in Paris, service standards are critical to the success of your trip. When booking with Kiwi Taxi Paris, you can expect to be greeted with a smile and the ability to track your car. If you are going to use the service to reach your destination, you should consider making sure that you have enough time to get to your destination. If you are travelling with pets, you will be able to communicate with your driver about the specifics of the animals.

For a comfortable ride, you can book a car according to your needs at KiwiTaxi. The company allows you to order a child safety seat in advance. The price for your trip is fixed, regardless of traffic, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll spend on the journey. You can even book a taxi 16 hours in advance, so you’ll be assured that your fare is fixed, no matter how long the journey takes. During rush hour, it can be difficult to find a taxi driver, so you can book one that suits you.


While there are many ways to get to Paris, one of the best ways is to use a taxi. There are many different ways to get to Paris, and one of the best is to take a KiwiTaxi. This ride-sharing service connects more than 500 transport companies around the world. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both modes of transportation, the main difference is that the KiwiTaxi is more reliable and comfortable.

While the price of a taxi in Paris is high, it is incredibly reliable and cost-effective when compared to streetcars and metros. You can pay with cash, credit, or even electronic means. They offer validated payment methods, accept electronic payments, and are able to accommodate up to 19 passengers. Depending on your needs, you can book a taxi at least one day in advance to guarantee availability.


There is no such thing as over-punctuality in the Paris taxi industry. And yet, you would be surprised to find that most Paris taxi services are punctual. In fact, they’re so punctual that they’ve even gained a reputation as “red bulls”! And, they also offer a great selection of energy drinks and other goodies, like Red Bull and glukhikh kempingh.


The KiwiTaxi company was founded to provide high quality business transfers to and from various locations in Europe and Asia. They have recently celebrated their 1000th member who used their Paris taxi service. As business tourism is growing all around the world, you need a reliable car to make your business trips comfortable. It is best to book your taxi transfer in advance to avoid overpaying taxi drivers and searching for cars in the city. You can also get your luggage and other items transported to your destination without any hassle.

You can find a KiwiTaxi taxi near the exits of all three major airports in Paris. Be aware, however, that there are unscrupulous taxi drivers that will try to rip you off. To avoid being scammed, make sure to take a licensed taxi to Paris. These taxis will have a meter and a license plate. You can also get a taxi for a fixed price. A taxi from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris will cost you between 53-58EUR. The same taxi ride from Orly Airport to Beauvais Airport will cost you between 32-37EUR. Prices are higher at night and on Sundays.

Customer feedback

A customer feedback survey conducted by KiwiTaxi revealed that 85% of users enjoyed their experience with the taxi company in Paris. The customers were mostly satisfied with the level of service and affordability offered by KiwiTaxi –, resulting in a high 5-star rating. Customers also liked that they could track their cab and leave feedback. Moreover, they were happy that the drivers were courteous and listened to their feedback.