How to use hashtags to develop Instagram

A hashtag is a kind of keyword that works like a key query. It helps users find the content they want, and it helps profile owners show the post to a lot of people. Find relevant publications by hashtag can be done in two ways:

  • Type the tag into a general search.
  • Click on the desired hashtag under someone else’s post.

Accordingly, posts without tags will only be seen by subscribers (not all of them). If your account is not developed, hashtags for instagram should definitely be used. We’ll tell you how best to do this below. If you want to get new subscribers as quickly as possible, you can use the service

What are hashtags?

Tags are divided by frequency of use and by subject matter. Each of them affects the promotion in Instagram: positively or negatively. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Trash tags

These are tags like #me, #love, #followme, #selfie, etc. By them – millions of publications. But that does not mean that by adding them to the post, you will get thousands of likes. Posts with garbage hashtags go down at a breakneck speed. Unless your account has a million subscribers, such tags will only bring an influx of bots and auto likes.

High-frequency hashtags

On these there are from 100 thousand publications. These are, for example, #marketing, #manicure, #hairstyle, etc. Posts with such tags instantly fly down, so it is not worth trying to promote them.

Medium-frequency hashtags

They have from 10 to 100 thousand publications. Such hashtags, as a rule, are long and contain a more specific query. These are the tags that should be used for promotion. They will allow you to reach the target audience and stay at the top of extradition for longer.

Low-frequency hashtags

For them, up to 10 thousand publications. This is a very specific query and is often long. It is also worth promoting using such tags, since there is little competition.

How to combine hashtags for posts

Under the publication is allowed to put 30 tags. Less is allowed, more is not. To make it easier to navigate, you can make a table of 6 columns with:

  1. high-frequency;
  2. medium-frequency;
  3. low-frequency;
  4. branded;
  5. geographic hashtags.

In each column, write out the tags that are appropriate for the account. In total, you need to come up with at least 120 pieces. Then you need to make 4 combinations of 30 tags, of which 4 will be high-frequency, 12 – the average, 7 – low-frequency, 3 – geo hashtags, 4 – branded tags. Use these combinations, periodically updating them or swapping tags. It is important to analyze the statistics regularly to track the most profitable tags.

How you should and should not put hashtags

The main mistakes are as follows:

  1. Not changing tags in publications. If you do, Instagram will start to perceive the account as spammy and cut the coverage.
  2. Lots of massive hashtags. First, with them, publications will quickly go down, and second, you can get a shadow ban.
  3. A large number of hashtags. Maximum – 30 pieces, but visually better look up to 10. Many are fond of, and even write the tags with a continuous band.
  4. Tags in text. In the business profile, it looks ugly and makes it difficult to read.

How to use hashtags correctly:

  • Keep a few permanent tags (15-20%), and change the rest.
  • Add hashtags as you write the post. If you add them later, the post will still end up at the bottom of searches.
  • Use tags that are relevant to the post. Tagging #love in a post with stretch ceilings looks silly.
  • To make the post visually more appealing, you can hide the hashtags. To do this, create a few blank lines with a dot. Tidy text looks better in the feed than text with lots of tags. This will help you get more new followers for instagram.